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About Us

Triple J Systems is a provider of revolutionary HVAC coil cleaning services. Their method involves cleaning the evaporator and condensing coils and restoring the entire air handling unit (AHU) to nearly new levels of performance and cleanliness. Unlike traditional coil cleaning services, the PURE-Steam process surpasses the limitations of other HVAC cleaning methods. It's a comprehensive solution for indoor air quality and energy efficiency that has been certified by the Green Clean Institute as the only process in North America. This new approach to coil cleaning can now address the long-term HVAC equipment life, system energy efficiency, and AHU hygiene for commercial and institutional facilities. Triple J Systems offers a turnkey solution for commercial and institutional facilities, specializing in condenser coil cleaning and dry vent cleaning. Their expertise in commercial dry vent cleaning and condenser coil cleaning makes them a leader in the industry, offering modern and cutting-edge solutions for optimal performance and cleanliness. If you’re searching for dryer vent cleaning near me or condenser coil cleaning near me, we are here to help.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can i extend the life of my HVAC system?
    Maintaining your HVAC equipment and ensuring high indoor air quality can be achieved through regular chemical-free cleaning. It is crucial to change air filters on a routine basis and adhere to a maintenance schedule for cleaning the coils and air handling units (AHU). Neglecting these tasks can lead to reduced equipment lifespan, increased energy consumption, and poor indoor air quality. Green Air EnvironmentalTM offers customized maintenance schedules based on data-driven analyses of individual facilities. Pollutants and contaminants vary by environment, and some require more frequent maintenance than others, making tailored maintenance schedules the best approach.
  • Why should we use stream cleaning for our coils?
    Pure steam cleaning is a sustainable cleaning method for commercial condenser coil cleaning. This approach offers multiple benefits, including reducing energy costs and enhancing indoor air quality. This approach can lead to energy savings of up to 30% and restore your AHU's performance to its original design specifications within 3%. We can use medium-temperature and high-pressure steam for effective cleaning to reach dept inches beneath coil surfaces. In contrast, chemical cleaning techniques only penetrate 3 inches, and using chemicals can introduce harmful substances into your HVAC system, impacting indoor air quality.
  • Why shouldn't we use chemicals to clean our coils?
    Chemical cleaning of coils, including condenser coil cleaning, must be updated and can adversely affect equipment cleanliness and longevity. It's important to consider alternatives such as pure steam cleaning for commercial condenser coil cleaning and commercial dry vent cleaning. Chemical cleaners used for coil cleaning, including alkaline and acidic solutions, can accumulate inside the coils, restrict airflow, and damage the rings over time. This can lead to permanent issues that cannot be resolved. Chemical runoff water is also a concern, as it can contaminate local water supplies. Instead, opting for methods like dryer vent cleaning near you or condenser coil cleaning near you that avoid using chemicals and promote optimal HVAC performance is recommended.
  • How often should I clean my HVAC unit coils?
    The cleaning schedule for each facility is unique and based on environmental conditions and air quality requirements. When creating a Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule, it's essential to remember a crucial tip: schedule cooling adjustments during the heating season and heating adjustments during the cooling season. This approach ensures greater technician availability and helps avoid HVAC system failures during extreme seasonal conditions. To maintain your Air Handler Unit's optimal performance, having the coils cleaned annually is recommended as part of a preventative maintenance schedule. However, the frequency of cleaning may vary depending on factors such as the system's age, condition, usage, and location. Regular maintenance is critical to prolonging the life of your HVAC system and ensuring high indoor air quality.
  • Why should we have a Preventative Maintenance Program?
    No one wants to endure a hot and humid summer during sweltering heat. That's why having a Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule for your HVAC system is crucial. PM scheduling is essential to avoid HVAC failures during peak seasonal conditions, leading to damaged equipment, disruption of daily operations, and decreased building occupant comfort levels. This includes essential maintenance tasks such as condenser coil cleaning and dry vent cleaning for commercial establishments. By implementing a PM schedule, you can avoid equipment damage, daily operations disruptions, and building occupants' discomfort. Generally, HVAC systems require 70% preventative and 30% corrective maintenance. When developing a PM schedule, you can choose between a comprehensive maintenance coverage plan or a system performance enhancement, depending on the equipment's age, complexity, location, and usage. A fully functional HVAC system improves workplace productivity and helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment for building occupants. While maintenance incurs a cost, it is much more economical than the expense of replacing equipment due to complete HVAC failure.
  • Are there energy and cost savings in chemical cleaning vs. steam cleaning?
    The conventional approach to cleaning HVAC systems relies on harsh chemicals that harm the environment and reduce the equipment's longevity. The cost of replacing aging HVAC equipment can be high, but Triple J Systems can significantly extend the life of your units. Our eco-friendly steam cleaning process can increase your equipment's delta T (temperature difference) by an average of 18% and enhance the air handler unit's cfm (cubic feet per minute) by an average of 20%. Moreover, steam cleaning offers other advantages, such as improved airflow, energy savings of up to 22 cents per square foot, improved indoor air quality, extended life of the HVAC system, and better cooling capacity.
  • Will the stream cleaning process cause any damage to our equipment?
    No, our eco-friendly steam cleaning process, including condenser coil cleaning and commercial dry vent cleaning, does not cause any damage to your equipment. We prioritize the safety and longevity of your HVAC system. Our process involves using medium-pressure, high-temperature steam to clean the coils thoroughly, penetrating up to 22 inches deep, resulting in improved airflow, up to 97% reduction of mold spores, and enhanced indoor air quality. Our steam cleaning technique is safe for your HVAC equipment as the high-temperature steam is only applied at medium pressure.
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