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Airborne bacteria and germs are a significant concern for facilities, especially when patients or staff members become sick. HVAC and AHU systems are designed to circulate air while maintaining a consistent temperature. However, air containing pollutants and germs can be drawn into the system and recirculated back into the building environment if not properly filtered. Traditional commercial condenser coil cleaning and commercial dry vent cleaning methods often only address surface-level issues, leaving more profound layers of coils untouched. Over time, this can lead to microbial and bacterial growth buildup, compromising the unit's efficiency and heat transfer capability. To address these concerns, we offer specialized condenser coil and dry vent cleaning services designed specifically for commercial healthcare facilities. Our unique process utilizes high-pressure, high-temperature steam that can penetrate up to 22 inches deep into coils, eliminating up to 97% of mold spores and bacteria. This thorough cleaning process restores units to like-new condition and ensures that the air circulating in your facility is clean and safe for patients and staff. We are here to assist you if you are searching for dryer vent cleaning near me or condenser coil cleaning near me.

We provide specialized Condenser Coil and Dry Vent cleaning services for K-12 and educational facilities. Do children need to fight for clean air on top of everything they face? Students and staff are exposed to high levels of airborne bacteria in schools daily. If the HVAC system is not functioning correctly, it can be a difficult task to eliminate these germs from the air. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has emphasized the importance of improving indoor air quality in schools, stating, “Poor indoor air quality can lead to illness, absenteeism, and acute health symptoms that can negatively impact student performance." To give each child a fair chance, starting with the air they breathe at school is crucial. Our unique cleaning process focuses on commercial dry vent cleaning and condenser coil cleaning. By utilizing the chemical-free approach to clean your Air Handling Units and HVAC system coils, improving the efficiency of the AHU and enhancing their air filtration capabilities, and extending the equipment’s lifespan. In most cases, AHUs are operating at 97% of their design specifications. If you are searching for dryer vent cleaning or condenser coil cleaning services nearby, we are here to help. We understand the importance of providing children with a fair chance by ensuring the air they breathe at school is clean and healthy.

With the rise of global concerns about energy conservation, many industrial buildings in the US were constructed with a focus on efficiency. However, synthetic materials were increasingly used in response to building design and construction changes, decreasing indoor air quality. The traditional condenser coil cleaning methods do not provide deep cleaning, leading to microbial and bacterial growth, thereby reducing the unit's efficiency. This causes the team to move insufficient air, leading to a drop in the heat transfer capability. But with Green Air's specialized process, we can restore these units to their original condition and eliminate microbial and bacterial growth on the coils. Our services include commercial dry vent cleaning and commercial condenser coil cleaning for industrial facilities. To take proactive steps towards improving air quality in your industrial facility, contact us today or search for nearby providers of condenser coil cleaning or dryer vent cleaning services. Trust Green Air for professional cleaning services prioritizing air quality in your industrial setting.


Recent research by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers has established a direct link between the cleanliness of school facilities and students' academic performance. However, indoor air quality is often overlooked despite being a crucial element of a school's physical environment. The HVAC system is the core of every building, breathing life into every room. Air Handler Units are engineered to circulate air across your school's premises, maintaining a consistent temperature and purifying the air. But, if your HVAC system is contaminated with mold and toxins, you're only spreading germs and illness, potentially harming your students and staff. This can increase absenteeism and hurt your student’s academic performance. To mitigate these risks, it is essential to prioritize services such as commercial dry vent cleaning and commercial condenser coil cleaning. By prioritizing condenser coil cleaning and dry vent cleaning, educational institutions can create a safe and conducive environment for learning.

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